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One billion clicks. The Button will not let Bad Idea proceed with the launch of its first comic book until it has collected what it wants – what it demands – from us all.

As a heart attack, unfortunately.

The enormity of The Button is something we can neither rationally explain nor fully comprehend. The Button is The One Above All. The Papa Bear of Papa Bears. The Chairman of the Board. Get the picture?

We can only speculate as to The Button’s true origin and motives. All we can say for certain is that it exists and that it’s calling the shots now, friend.

Its magnitude The Button will receive tribute in any form – jubilant exaltation, epic poetry, low-res jpg. But always remember to

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No, everyone knows the best way to get a movie deal is to start with doing it as a comic book first.

Great question. Bad Idea was an unruly and experimental new comic book publisher until The Button got involved. Now we serve The Button. For more information, visit


Bad Idea does not endorse the views and opinions of The Button, although they are almost certainly superior to our own.